Full Accessory Kit

Arachnipod Full Accessory Kit

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Product Information

The Full Accessory Kit contains essential add-ons to expand your Arachnipod’s adaptability plus useful accessories that enhance work flow and operational efficiency in the field.

  • Arachnipod Steps – an invaluable aid to enable you to access the system’s head to untangle ropes or attach additional gear without having to lower the system
  • Hold Down Stakes – secures a standard foot directly to the ground, eliminating the need to tether the feet with rope
  •  Soft Ground Shoes – limits ground penetration / sinking in soft ground applications
  • Spike Feet – used in lieu of the standard foot for point loading and ground penetration applications. Can also be used in conjunction with soft ground shoes.
  • Equipment Bracket – can be used for rope descenders, belay devices, hauling systems and for tying off rope.
  • Gin Head 2 – ​​The new Gin Head has a slightly taller profile and is lighter than the original Gin Head. A Gin Head is combined with an Arachnipod Lazy Leg to form a Gin or monopole. It can also be used as a large rigging plate when not used in a gin pole configuration. Gin Head 2 is compatible with the original Lazy Leg and new Lazy Leg 2.
  • Reverse Head – The reverse head is used to change the angle between legs and is used when a lazy leg configuration is required.
  • Quad Plate – The quad plate is used whenever four legs or heads are used together such as when forming a quadpod or lazy leg configurations.
  • Rigging Plate – The rigging plate is used to provide additional stabilisation attachment points when only two legs are connected.
  • Hardware – contained in a handy see-through pouch, spares and additional hardware includes masonry bolts, drill bits, spare head, leg and detent pins
  • Kit Bag

All accessories within this kit may also be purchased individually.

Code Description Qty
42-1012 Accessory Bag 1
03-1037-0 Gin Head 1
26-0008-0 Rigging Plate 1
07-1027-0 Quad Plate 1
90-0121 Reverse Head 1
90-0120 Spike Foot 4
34-0032 Soft Ground Shoe 4
16-1046-0 Hold Down Stake 4
07-1026-0 Step 2
90-0119 Equipment Bracket 1
68-0041 M-12 Tru-bolt 8
68-0042 M-12 Masonry Drill Bit 2
22-1002 Spare Qik-link Head Pin 2
68-0036 Spare Detent Pin 2
90-0112 Spare Leg Pin 1