Honor FAB Rescue Fall Arrest Block

Honor FAB Rescue Fall Arrest Block

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Honor Fall Arrest Blocks lead the world with the fastest fall arrest capture times resulting in reduced kN forces in a fall. The FAB Rescue Fall Arrest Block’s superior design, minimal tolerances and high grade corrosion resistant components make for a longer product life with less maintenance and downtime.

The Honor self-retracting lifeline’s integrated manual winch requires minimal force to lift or lower a worker to safety after an incident. This multi-functional block can be combined with a tripod, davit, tank clamp or flange clamp for confined space entry and rescue.

Available in 15 m or 33 m with galvanised or stainless steel wire cable.


  • Fast fall arrest capture time
  • Reduced kN forces
  • Very low examination and inspection costs
FAB15R-G        (Galv) FAB Rescue with 15 m Galvanised Wire
FAB15R-S FAB Rescue with 15 m Stainless Steel Wire
FAB 33R-G FAB Rescue with 33 m Galvanised Wire
FAB33R-S FAB Rescue with 33 m Stainless Steel Wire
SWL 150 g
Weight 15 m 10.5 kg
Weight 33 m 19.6 kg
Certifed to EN 360:2002, EN 1496:2006, MD2006/4SEC, EN 1808:2010-11, EN1809:1999+A1:2010 and ANSI/ASSE Z359.14-2012-A


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