Honor Manriding Winch

Honor Manriding Winch 1

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Product Information

The Honor Manriding Winch lowers or hoists workers into confined spaces and for rescue-specific tasks.

It features a free wheel mode that allows cable to pay out freely with an integral secondary fall protection. This item combines perfectly with the Honor Davit for confined space entry and rescue.


  • World leading fall arrest capture times with very low kN forces in a fall
  • Premium design, high-grade corrosion resistant components
  • Long product life with low maintenance and downtime make this product a worthy investment
  • Certified to EN 1808 and Machine Directive 2006/42/EC
pecifications          MRW15               MRW33            
Wire 5mm Galvanised 5mm Galvanised
Length 15 m 33 m
Weight 11.5 kg 19.5 kg
SWL 150 kg 150 kg