Hydraulic Power Pack

Hydraulic Power Pack

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An hydraulic power pack provides essential power to drive hydraulically-operated equipment such as oil skimmers, pumps or boom reels. Oil spill response crews often work in remote or hazardous areas and locations which have limited or no access to a suitable power supply.

Starting at 5hp and extending to 100hp, hydraulic power packs are designed and manufactured in-house, using the technical expertise of world-leading manufacturers, together with robust, industry-standard components.

Manufacturing both the hydraulic power pack, along with the equipment it will be powering, enables our team to custom-design and develop a system that not only works efficiently, but is tailored for your specific application.

  • Hydraulic power packs are designed to provide hydraulic power supply for operators of remote spill response equipment such as booms, reels, skimmers and pumps.
  • An hydraulic power pack can be skid-mounted or fitted with roll or safety cages. For mobile or portable applications, units can be trolley-mounted to suit sealed or unsealed surfaces.
  • Hydraulic power packs are manufactured in carbon steel, aluminium or stainless steel, using proprietary components and controls.
  • The hydraulic power pack can be fully enclosed for weather protection and noise reduction.
  • Hydraulic power packs use Yanmar or Lombardino diesel engines, Honda petrol engines or electric motors.
  • All hydraulic power packs feature speed control to enable safe adjustment of remotely-operating equipment from the power-pack’s location. Speed control also enables the operation and rotational speed of equipment (eg. boom reel) to be infinitely adjustable, which is important for operators when ‘tuning’ the equipment.

Hydraulic power packs are built to customer specification.


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