KASK Zenith Safety Helmet

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Product Information

In addition to industry leading head protection, the Kask Zenith helmet features a non-vented ABS external shell providing protection from electrical hazards to 1500V AC / 1000V DC. The Zenith provides improved features for the ultimate in comfort, fitment and functionality along with certification to Australian Standards AS/NZS 1801:1997.

The Zenith’s wide range of accessories for many applications, plus its high level of protection and adjustability makes it suitable for building and construction, industrial applications, production areas, arbor, forestry and agriculture.

  • ​External clips are compatible with all headlamps with elastic head bands
  • Comfortable eco-leather chinstrap which is softer against skin, non-allergenic and washable
  • Chin strap loop enables helmet to be clipped to a harness
  • ABS external shell and HD Polystyrene Internal shell protects your head against significant top and sideways impact
  • Internal shell and padding is designed to promote airflow and insulates your head from overhead heat sources
  • Inner padding is made from high-tech 3D fabric that wicks moisture away from the head, and treated with an antibacterial treatment which effectively prevents bacterial growth
  • Kask’s improved Up & Down 2.0 adjustment system and 4-point chin strap combine to make the Zenith infinitely adjustable for helmet height, width and tilt on the head
  • Integrated slot for earmuffs with bayonet attachments
  • Accessories easily and quickly attach via Kask’s Easy Click System
  • Wide range of accessories available, including replaceable padded liners and lamp clips
  • Certified in compliance of AS/NZS 1801:1997.
  • Certified in compliance of EN 12492:2012 – Shock absorption (front, side and rear) and the electrical requirements (5.3) of EN50365.
VKA WHE 34.201 Zenith White 53 – 63 cm 510 g
VKA WHE 34.202 Zenith Yellow 53 – 63 cm 510 g
VKA WHE 34.203 Zenith Orange 53 – 63 cm 510 g
VKA WHE 34.204 Zenith Red 53 – 63 cm 510 g
VKA WHE 34.208 Zenith Dark Blue 53 – 63 cm 510 g
VKA WHE 34.210 Zenith Black 53 – 63 cm 510 g
VKA WHE0035.201 Zenith HI VIZ White 53 – 63 cm 510 g
VKA WHE0035.221 Zenith HI VIZ Fluo Yellow 53 – 63 cm 510 g
VKA WVI00007.015 Zen Half Visor Clear 80 g
VKA WVI00007.009 Zen Half Visor Smoke 80 g
VKA WVI00007.055 Zen Half Visor Mirror 80 g
VKA WVI00008.015 Full Face Visor Clear 120 g
VKA WVI00008.009 Full Face Visor Smoke 120 g
VKA WVI00009 Full Face Visor – Metal Mesh Black 100 g
VKA WV100010 Full Face Visor – Plastic Mesh Black 75 g
VKA WAC00009 Visor Adaptor Black
VKA WAC00010 Full Face Visor Carrier Black
VKA WV100011 Full Face Peak Black
VKA RBZ2CA Class 5 Ear Muffs (complies with AS/NZS 1270:2002)
VKA WAC00014 Zenith Reflective Sticker Set
VKA WAC00013 Zenith Neck Shade (light grey)