Kendrick / Optimum Traction Device

SVTS KTD 1 hi res

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Product Information

The Kendrick Traction Device – AKA Optimum Traction Device (OTD) – is compact, lightweight and easy to use.

Because the Kendrick Traction Device / OTD may be fitted without rolling a patient or raising their leg, it can be applied by just one person. The Kendrick / OTD also provides the ability to work around any hip or groin trauma.

The traction device consists of a folding snap-out aluminium pole which easily adjusts for adult or paediatric use, colour coded elastic leg straps, adjustable ankle hitch, and adjustable groin strap. The lack of ischial bar eliminates concerns of causing unnecessary pressure and additional pain to the patient.

The Kendric / OTD’s compactness, low weight and ease of use makes this device especially suited for first aid, wilderness rescue, ski patrols, tactical response medics, military field medics and more. The OTD comes complete within a very compact storage orange-coloured pouch with easy-to-follow instructions.