KNUCKL Rope Gripper

KNUCKL Rope Gripper

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The KNUCKL rope gripper is a compact device that significantly increases your grip on fibre rope while using a fraction of your normal effort. Weighing a mere 30 grams, the ergonomically designed KNUCKL fits comfortably in the hand and works equally well for left and right-handers, with or without gloves.

This durable rope gripping device makes a powerful difference to the user when lifting, hauling or holding rope. The KNUCKL increases your grip and control of rope while reducing the effort required and fatigue. It is simple and intuitive to use and effectively reduces the risk of rope burn or injury.

The KNUCKL does not corrode, is long lasting and a cost-effective work aide for anyone handling ropes within Fire and Rescue, Emergency, Mining, Arboriculture, Theatrical and Event Rigging, Rope Access and other  industries where rope is used.


  • Cleat-style V groove is non-aggressive and gentler on rope
  • Extremely effective for gripping rope
  • Ergonomically designed – fits most adult female and male hands
  • Suitable for left and right handers
  • Supplied in red colour with a coiled lanyard for Dropped Object safety when working at height


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