LIFE LINERS Particulate Blocking Flash Hood

LIFE LINERS Particulate Blocking Flash Hood

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Australian firefighters work in the harsh environments where they are regularly exposed to smoke, soot and other particulate matter.

The Life Liners particulate blocking flash hood is designed to delivery both comfort and protection while blocking potentially harmful carcinogens from entering the body via absorption through the skin.

The KL200 flash hood offers outstanding breathability, increased air permeability and a unique construction for ease of movement and flexibility. It does all this while minimizing heat stress and reducing exposure to particulates, providing additional protection for the firefighter. Life Liner flash hoods are third party certified and compliant with NFPA 1971.

Weight 0.200 kg
Dimensions 25 × 16 × 4 cm
Hood Size Small, Large, Medium
Hood Colour Navy, Tan
Application Structural Firefighting
Certification NFPA 1971-2018

Product Features

  • Certification NFPA 1971-2018 UL
  • DESIGN: Two piece design with 15cm front with 20cm back. Separate head with sewn on back and front bib. Back of head ends at the nape of the neck for improved fit and comfort. Easy-Seal Face opening that goes on easy and seals tight. Sewn with 1.25cm thick elastic encapsulated in hood material.
  • CONSTRUCTION: Head Seams: All head and bib seams are sewn with a flat lock stitch Binding: 3.8cm binding sewn to hem through folder with a three thread cover stitch to create a 1.25cm finished bound hem
  • LAYERS: Head: 2 Layer | Bib: 2 Layer
  • FABRIC: Outer Layer: 49% Kermel/ 49% Lenzing FR/2% Spandex. Inner Layer: Stedair® Prevent.
  • THREAD: 100% Nomex®
  • LABELS: Each hood is labelled with an FR Label with all four label edges sewn to the hood, identifying material contents, UL certification, lot#, date of manufacture, and care instructions
  • SIZE: Available in small, medium & large
  • COLOUR: Navy & Tan
  • Made in Canada


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