Lifetec General Duty Dummy

Lifetec General Duty Dummy

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Lifetec General Purpose dummies are suitable for common land rescue scenarios such as height, confined space, USAR, road accident and general handling exercises.

  • Weighted to produce an anatomically correct weight distribution and the feel of an unconscious patient
  • Tough enough to be buried under concrete slabs, trees or have motor vehicles laid upon them to present realistic scenarios for rescuers
  • Machine washable and protective overalls keeps the dummy clean and increases its lifespan
  • Bonus: training dummies of 20 kg and over are supplied complete with gum boots
  • bariatric range of these manikins is also available
LT-RLN5 Baby Training 0.69 m 5 kg
LT-RLN10 Toddler Training 0.87 m 10 kg
LT-RLN20 Youth Training 1.3 m 20 kg
LT-RL20A Very Light Adult 1.8 m 20 kg
LT-RLN30 Light Adult 1.8 m 30 kg
LT-RLN50 Standard Adult 1.8 m 50 kg
LT-RLN70 Heavy Adult 1.8 m 70 kg
LT-RLN90 Very Heavy Adult 1.8 m 90 kg



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