Lifetec Patient Handling Range

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Product Information

The Lifetec Patient Handling dummy is a ‘soft’ verson of the General Duty Dummy and is suitable for the Hospital and Care sector. Ideal for early mobilisation, emergency evacuation, working with lifting/transfer/evacuation, equipment and general moving and handling exercises to avoid the back injuries associated with high risk movements.

Constructed in polyester which is tough, safe to handle and very easy to clean. Anatomically correct weight distribution gives the ‘feel’ of a real patient.

RLNPH20 – Youth
RLNPH30 – Light Adult
RLNPH50 – Adult
RLNPH70 – Heavy Adult
RLNPH90 – Heavy Adult

Code Descripion Height Weight
LT-RLNPH20 Youth 1.30 m 20 kg
LT-RLNPH30 Light Adult 1.80 m 30 kg
LT-RLNPH50 Adult 1.80 m 50 kg
LT-RLNPH70 Heavy Adult 1.80 m 70 kg
LT-RLNPH90 Heavy Adult 1.80 m 90 kg