Lifetec Working at Height Range

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Product Information

The Lifetec Working at Height manikin is an extremely tough manikin for work and rescue training at height. Similar to the General Duty Range, this manikin has greater trunk rigidity and reduced ‘slumping’ when in a harness.

Anatomically correct weight distribution gives the ‘feel’ of an unconscious person. Webbing loop allows easy hauling into position. Can be dropped from 2 or 3 storeys with no damage. Waterproof and quick clean/drying makes suitable for training in wet or dry conditions.

Includes coveralls and boots.

Code Description Height Weight
RLNWAH30 Light Adult 1.80 m 30 kg
RLNWAH50 Adult 1.80 m 50 kg
RLNWAH70 Heavy Adult 1.80 m 70 kg