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Product Information

Quick charger for 2,4V – 28,8V or rather 7,2V – 18,0V Ni-Cd/ Ni-MH/ Li-Ion Battery packs. Microprocessor-controlled charging, charging times 30-150 min. depending on the battery’s capacity (1,5Ah – 7,5Ah).

Note: this charger will be fitted with an Australian plug prior to delivery.


Technical Data of the product “Charger battery E2”
Dimensions L1810 / L2410: 152 x 86 x 76 mm
Dimensions L1830 / L2430: 150 x 85 x 75 mm
Shutdown criteria: – U, Temperaturabschaltung
Battery capacity: 1,5Ah (2 Zellen) bis 7,5Ah (21 Zellen)
Battery system: Ni-Cd/ Ni-MH/ Li-ION
Output voltage L1810 / L1830: 7,2V – 18,0V
Output voltage L2410 / L2430: 2,4V – 28,8V
Operating temperature: +5°C – 40°C
Input voltage EU Version: 220-240V / 50Hz-60Hz
Input voltage US Version: 110-120V / 50Hz-60Hz
Energy absorption: Standby < 1W, max. 70W
Float charge: 30 mA
Charge current: max. 3,0 A
Charge time: max. 150 min bei 7,5 Ah
Storage temperature: -20°C – 60°C
Weight: max. 0,5 kg
Protection class: II