LUKAS Protection Covers

LUKAS Protection Covers

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In this way you can effectively protect your rescue team from injuries in sharp-edged areas with little effort. The protective bags are placed on the cut-off ends of the vehicle columns and securely fastened with Velcro tape. The protective covers are used anywhere on the bodywork to cover sharp edges, e.g. on fenders or in the roof area, and are fastened with sewn-in magnets. One set can be used to cover one long side of a vehicle and, if necessary, a dangerous roof edge. A second set of protective covers is required to completely cover both sides.

4x Protection Hood (30 x 35 cm)
2x Small Blanket (65 x 65 cm)
1x Large Blanket (165 x 65 cm)
1x Carry Bag

The set is packed in a water-repellent nylon bag.


  • Use of extremely wear-resistant quality materials: Cordura® (only by DuPont) and Trevira® Complan surfaces are tear-resistant, water-repellent and washable
  • the interior made of multi-layer special fleece prevents sharp-edged sheet metal parts from piercing
  • additional safety due to air cushion formation between the materials
  • Creation of the system in the shortest possible time
  • secure hold without slipping


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