LUKAS S 312 E2 Cutter


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Product Information

The new eDRAULIC cutter S312E2 is easy to hold thanks to a weight of less than 20 kg (incl. battery!), yet makes a
notable impression. The reason: Blade opening width, cutting force and cutting performance for round material
have been further optimised compared to the previous model. The result: the top cutting class! No doubt about
it: Your job is made considerably easier with this innovative cutter– now and in the future.

Technical Data of the product “S 312 E2”
Dimensions: 905X237X28of the1 MM
EN-Classification: BC 160 I-19,4
Weight: 18,5 kg
Protection class: IP 54
Series: e2
EN Cutting Capacity: 1I – 2I – 3I – 4J – 5J
Blade Opening: 160 mm
NFPA cutting classes: A7, B8, C7, D7, E7
Round steel up to: 35 mm
Cutting force up to: 680 kN