LUKAS SP 555 E2 Spreader

LUKAS SP 555 E2 Spreader

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Gives you time when every second counts: With the SP 555 E2 rescue spreader, real professionals simply do their job faster – and more successfully!
There are strong reasons for this breathtaking performance: A sensational 16% weight reduction compared to its predecessor, and yet it still has stronger muscles! His heart beats in the form of an optimized high-performance rescue battery. To prepare the SP 555 E2 even better for its missions, the crimp plates are integrated directly into its arms. In addition, ultra-biting “Shark Tooth” tips provide irresistible grip. The SP 555 E2 is the benchmark when it comes to spreading, pulling and crushing with mobile all-rounders. And it also offers an attractive design. A must for true professionals.


Technical Data of the product “SC 555 E2”
Dimensions: 1002 x 265 x 280 mm
EN-Classification: AS 52/730-20,9
Weight: 20,0 kg
Protection class: IP 54
Series: e2
Spreading force 25 mm inward tip: 52 kN
Spreading force up to: 658 kN
Spreading distance: 730 mm
Pulling force up to: 58 kN
Pulling distance: 569 mm
Squeezing force up to: 115 kN


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