LUKAS SP 310 E2 Spreader


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Product Information

Now also in the eDRAULIC version: superior versatility. Like its “hose line“ counterpart it offers a powerful
combination of weight, opening and handling – and even more strength!
Its flexibility fills rescue organisations around the world with enthusiasm. Thanks to its patented multifunction
tips and unique ergonomic design, it can spread, peel, pull and squeeze, without the need for changing tips.
Thus your rescue work becomes even quicker and safer.

Technical Data of the product “SC 310 E2”
Dimensions: 955 × 365 × 287 mm
Weight: 23,7 kg
Protection class: IP 54
Series: e2
Spreading force 25 mm inward tip: 50 kN
Spreading force up to: 324 kN
Spreading distance: 725 mm
Pulling force up to: 44 kN
Pulling distance: 573 mm
Squeezing force up to: With attachment 122 kN