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Product Information

The LUKAS SP 333 eWXT is our lightweight in the spreader class. It is compact and therefore easy to use with almost the same force values. The SP 333 eWXT can also be used for lifting, spreading, squeezing, peeling and pulling, and it is particularly comfortable because it weighs much less and is therefore easier to handle. Thanks to the “Shark-Tooth-Tips” the grip on every material is correct. A slipping can be prevented in this way. The SP 333 eWXT is also a liquid-protected rescue system. Operations in heavy rain, floods or even under water are no problem because it is waterproof. Matching the series are the 5 Ah or 9 Ah rescue batteries with the longest operating time in the industry.

Technical Data of the product “SP 333 eWXT”
Dimensions: 823 x 256 x 253 mm
EN-Classification: AS 42/600 – 18,3
Weight: 17,1 kg
Squeezing force up to: 144 kN
Protection class: IP 58
Series: eWXT
Spreading force: 42 – 836 kN
Spreading distance: 600 mm
Pulling force up to: 56 kN
Pulling distance: 440 mm