Micro-Manager O² Administrator

OXR 903 hi

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Product Information

The Micro Manager delivers a pre-set constant flow of oxygen for one to five patients and is an essential piece of equipment to any ambulance, major incident response kit/trailer or oxygen resuscitation kit where multiple patient oxygen delivery is required.

The Micro Manager can be connected in sequence to additional Micro Managers, to increase the number of patients treated.


  • Five pre-set fixed flow rates: 2, 4, 6, 10 and 15 lpm
  • DISS barbed fittings
  • Attaches to an O2 regulator DISS outlet
  • Provides a 50 psi outlet for demand valve or oxygen suction unit
  • Connects to additional Micro Managers
  • Accuracy of plus or minus 10% to reading


Code Flow Rate Options
OXR-903-02 2 lpm Fittings
OXR-903-04 4 lpm Fittings
OXR-903-06 6 lpm Fittings
OXR-903-010 10 lpm Fittings
OXR-903-015 15 lpm Fittings