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Product Information

NEANN FAB Drug Kit Empty, Yellow

A small, compact Drug Kit designed to fit inside the NEANN FAB (First Aid Backpack) and to store and transport Drugs, IV access equipment and small Sharps container.

The NEANN FAB Drug Kit’s many features include:

  • Range of IV Access equipment
  • IV Access gear set up in order of use for insert of IV
  • Good range and number of ALS drugs
  • Made using reinforced antimicrobial EnvironFrei fabric, providing increased durability, ease of cleaning and improved infection controls by minimizing cross contamination
  • Coated webbing carry handle allowing easy cleaning
  • Removable unique Medis labelled drug and IV Cannula loops to allow for changing drugs or ampoule presentations
  • Potential to order customisable & unique Medis drug loops for easy identification of drugs (available at extra cost & not shown in this photo series)
  • Middle flap panel creates more space for contents and is removable for updating down the track
  • Heavy Duty lockable zip designed to give maximum but secure access to the interior
  • Layout guide to be developed to assist in checking and restocking kit
  • Use of highly reflective tape and optional reflective zip for safety and
  • Dimensions: Length 26.0 cm x Width 18.0 cm x Height 9.0 cm.

Designed to fit neatly inside the Trauma section of the NEANN FAB 50-001-0628-0422 (ordered separately).

The NEANN FAB Drug Kit comes empty and is designed to hold contents such as the list below:

  • Adrenaline x5, Midazolam (3ml), Methoxyflurane (3ml),  Ipratropium Bromide x3, Salbutamol x3, blank x2
  • 1 x GTN spray
  • 1 x Paracetamol blister pack
  • 1 x Aspirin blister pack
  • 1 x Ibuprofen blister pack
  • 5 x Swabs
  • blank x2, Syringe 1ml x3, Syringe 5ml x3
  • 23g Needle x3, 25g Needle x3, Glucose Gel x2
  • 1 x Sharps holder small
  • 1 x Methoxyflurane Inhaler
  • 1 x Glucagon kit
  • 1 x  Adrenaline kit (Epipen)

The NEANN FAB Drug Kit is supplied un-stocked (empty) & without optional extras unless specifically quoted.
Minor variations to the kit displayed can occur due to design improvement updates.
Images are indicative only.