Oil Containment Boom Reel

Oil Containment Boom Reel

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A boom reel is ideal to store, deploy and retrieve an oil containment boom. The storage of oil containment boom on reels protects the boom from physical damage or attack from vermin. Boom reels enable rapid deployment of an oil boom in the event of a spill. Fence, air curtain, inflatable fence or tidal booms are best suited to storage on a reel.

Our boom reels are all custom designed and manufactured according to the type of boom being used, together with the expected storage conditions and plans for use.

  • Reels allow booms to be deployed and returned quickly and efficiently, often by one or two personnel.
  • Oil containment boom stored on a reel prevents damage which may occur from dragging across wharves, jetties, pylons, rocks, barnacles or other abrasive surfaces.
  • Drum diameter and hub length can be made to suit specific site conditions, storage or transportation requirements.
  • Reels are provided with PVC covers to protect the stored boom from UV degradation.
  • Boom reels can be manufactured with power rewind using electric or diesel-driven hydraulic power packs (see specifications tab for more info)
  • Large reels can be fitted with guide rollers to prevent booms from tracking off the reel.

Boom reels may be constructed from a variety of materials, such as painted steel, galvanized steel, aluminium, stainless steel or a mixture of different metals to suit climatic conditions, exposure to corrosion and type of service.

  • Hydraulically-driven boom reels are fitted with a low-speed, high-torque hydraulic motor. A diesel-driven hydraulic power pack provides the power source to operate and control the hydraulic motor.
  • The power pack is a stand alone, self contained system that provides remote operation (up to five metres) and control of the reel whether it be mounted on a wharf, response vessel or deployed on a beach at a spill site. The power pack has simple, easy to use controls that allow adjustment of the deployment/ recovery speed and the ability to freewheeling in the event of a power failure (deployment only).


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