Overpack salvage drum – 114L

SCE1230 YE

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Product Information

An overpack salvage drum is an ideal for the transport and containment of up to 114L of hazardous material and substances. They are ideal for holding smaller containers as well as up to 60L drums. It also allows room for absorbents to soak up any escaped liquid.

With a half-turn lid, these ergonomically designed units allow for easy access and are also nestable, which allows for ease of shipping and storage.

  • Ideal for safe storage, handling and transportation of hazardous materials, spill containment.
  • This drum is also great for cleaning up hazardous materials, bio waste disposal and incineration.
  • This overpack salvage drum is lightweight, weather and chemical resistant.
  • This drum contains a screw-on lid top for a secure, quick and easy access.
  • This blow-moulded drum allows for easy gripping and pick up by material handling equipment.
  • This overpack salvage drum is a versatile unit that can directly contain a smaller drum, or solids, sludges and smaller containers, safely and securely.
  • Salvage drum measures: top diameter 57cm, bottom diameter 46cm and a height of 76cm.
  • Meets UN regulations UN 1H2/X100/S

Appropriate PPE should be worn when handling any hazardous substances or materials. Drum contents should be disposed of safely in accordance with local regulations.

Description Dimensions CAPACITY Code
114L overpack salvage drum 57cm X 46cm X 76cm. 114 litres SCE1230-YE