Packexe Sharps Wrap Pack

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Product Information

Packexe Sharpswrap is an extra-strong self-adhesive high visibility film for rapid application to hazardous
projections, points and edges in rescue situations. It is supplied in a compact roll 100mm wide and 30m long
fitted to a re-usable lightweight applicator. The rescuer can apply it quickly to potentially hazardous sharp
points and edges, making them safe and visible in seconds.

Packexe Sharpwraps are ideal for…
• Use in any rescue situation
• Effective cover for sharp edges and points
• Reduces injury risk
• Protects casualties and rescuers
• Covers metal and glass
• Quick and easy to apply
• Up to 50 applications per 30m roll
• High-visibility yellow

Packexe Sharpswrap can be neatly stored in rescue equipment bags, haversacks or belt-pouches for instant
availability when needed and does away with the need for heavy mats or blankets.


• 4 rolls of Sharpswrap film (100mm x 30metre)
• 1 Sharpswrap Dispenser