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Product Information

Proven to strengthen glass, Tests show that the strength of glass is almost doubled with the application of Packexe SMASH, reducing the risk of breakage by approximately 42%.

No need to remove glass By reinforcing the glass, Packexe SMASH has eliminated the need to always forcibly break and remove it; glass can be left in place during extrication.

Key product features

Film – At the heart of the system is a high-strength plastic film, designed to support glass windows when broken or removed from their frames.

Adhesive – Packexe SMASH’s specially-formulated adhesive grips equally well in all weather conditions, wet or dry.

Perforations – With perforations set at every 4″, Packexe SMASH film is easily detached from the roll.  Perforated film ensures accurate application, which reduces wastage.

Dispenser – The unique dispenser completes the Packexe SMASH system, which is currently the subject of a patent application. Ergonomically designed and easy to use, Packexe SMASH can be applied in seconds by one person.

Double rollers – Double foam rollers follow the vehicle contours for smooth “laminated” coverage, minimizing air bubbles. This roller technology brings the film into the closest possible contact with the glass, ensuring that, when the glass breaks, fragments stay in place.