Pedestal Mounted Eye/Facewash Stainless Steel

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Product Information

H-STD-85GSP: Pedestal mounted, plumbed-in emergency eye/face wash with open stainless steel bowl and 316L stainless steel pipework.

AS4775:2007 compliant
Stainless steel valve, bowl, aerators, push flag and pedestal
Pictured with optional foot operation pedal

Designed in accordance with Australian, ANSI and EU standards, this pedestal mounted eye/face wash is intended for indoor use but may, where practical, be located outdoors in areas.

  • High flow rate aerated diffusers provide an improved washing action and prevent further injury to the eyes
  • Flow regulator valve ensures an optimum water flow
  • Tough, durable construction with corrosion and UV resistance
  • Twin spray nozzles protected by dust covers which lift off when operated by the push plate