Portaflex 16 Nozzle Portable Decontamination Shower

PORTAflex 300 16e

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Product Information

This 12-nozzle portable decontamination shower removes contaminants from protective clothing prior to removal.

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 850 × 1300 × 2480 mm
Inlet Size Coupling 11/2 in NH (F)
Water Flow 1750 litres max. per min

Hughes Safety Showers Portaflex 300-16E Portable Decontamination shower is unique in the sense that the extremely rugged carrying case duals as a most effective base platform, eliminating the necessity for a heavy duty stainless steel tubular base. Instead the base design is a lay-flat hose assembly, providing resultant cost and weight savings.

With dual purpose heavy duty aluminium storage carrying case which when opened forms a sturdy foot platform. With 2½” male instantaneous coupling for connection to fire service standard delivery hose and non-ferrous fittings such as 1½” lay flat flexible hose with PVC nozzles, glass reinforced nylon saddles and stainless steel backplate inserts.

With ‘unbreakable’ hose legs that become rigid under pressure to give 360° decontamination to the person or object being decontaminated. The flexible tube forms four shower legs, each of which is fitted with 4 nozzles. The base tubing which fits around the foot platform incorporates four 1½” male instantaneous couplings which mate with the female instantaneous couplings on the legs.

When under pressure all the flexible tubulars, including the base, become rigid, thus forming a stable frame for decontamination of personnel; complete with non-slip raised platform.