Rosenbauer Garos G30

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A technical rescue or external fire fighting protective suit that feels like a second skin and which firefighters and emergency services personnel can wear for many hours without getting tired – this was the goal behind the development of the GAROS G30. To achieve this, Rosenbauer has adopted many features of the popular FIRE FLEX premium fire suit. With its ergonomic design, high-quality materials and minimal weight, the GAROS G30 is the perfect protective clothing for all firefighters operating in technical rescue and outdoor environments.

Increased comfort combined with outstanding cost efficiency

Only a small percentage of firefighters need the additional heat protection required for indoor fire fighting. This is why Rosenbauer has developed the GAROS G30, a protective suit that is the perfect choice for all other firefighting activities, while offering a very high level of comfort for the wearer. It offers considerable advantages in temperature regulation and freedom of movement to help firefighters cope with long and demanding operations. Another benefit of the GAROS G30 is its cost-effectiveness. This makes it the smart alternative when fire protection suits (level 2 for heat protection) are not actually needed.

Optimal support during long operations

When we developed the GAROS G30, our goal was to optimize comfort for the wearer and maximize freedom of movement for rescue workers. A reduced weight combined with many of the advanced design features that have already been successfully implemented in the FIRE FLEX helps to prevent workers from tiring quickly and makes rescue work much easier.

Ergonomic design for maximum comfort and minimum weight

The key design feature of the GAROS G30 is the ergocut. This ergonomic cut makes sure the fit is just right. Instead of feeling like a piece of body armor, the jacket fits the wearer like a second skin. A new type of shoulder-arm section and pre-shaped elbow and knee areas improve freedom of movement for the wearer. Firmly sewn-in knee pads made of non-absorbent cellular rubber have been added to make working on the ground easier. Combined with the extremely low weight, all these features not only enhance the wearer’s well-being and endurance, but also improve their agility and ability to move with confidence.

Practical and durable

Reliability is everything, especially when it comes to personal protective equipment. That is why the GAROS G30 comes with a smooth-running plastic zipper. Not only does it close and open smoothly, it is also extremely resilient. The robust and flexible teeth are not affected by minor impacts – and this ensures functionality for many years of service.


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  • Outer fabric: the outer shell is made of flame- and heat resistant Nomex NXT blackblue/red, 195 g/m², which consists of 75% Nomex, 23% Kevlar and 2% Carbon (prevents electrostatic charges)
  • Breathable membrane made of PU laminated fabric. This membrane also acts as a vapour barrier, protecting the individual during extinguishing operations, approx. 150 g/m²
  • Lining is made of Aramide/Viscose blend, in a 160 g/m² material
  • Comfortable, ergonomic designed protective jacket with many features
  • Arm and jacket seams with robust moisture blocker made of flame retardant Polyurethan coated aramid, therefore better protection against the penetration and soaking of water (anti-wicking barrier)
  • Highly resistant front zipper
  • Special ergonomically shaped elbows
  • Flame protection collar can be pulled up under the helmet, closure with Velcro fastening at the front
  • Sleeves width can be adjusted individually due to Velcro
  • Sleeves with innovative NOMEX® knitted wristlet


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