Safety Cone Bar


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Product Information

A safety cone bar is ideal to isolate areas from unauthorised access or direct traffic away from restricted sites. These reflective, extendable bars are suitable to use with safety (traffic) cones to create a portable barrier system.

This cone bar extend from 1.2 metres up to 2.1 metres and are available in two colour schemes.

Safety on sites is essential for workers and the public in both private and public work areas. These high visibility traffic cone bars are a useful addition to any safety programme.

  • Choose from high visibility black/yellow or red/white colour schemes.
  • Lightweight, high-strength plastic construction.
  • Perfect for creating bespoke or dynamic barrier systems.
  • Bright warning colours are easily recognised to warn people of potential hazards.

For use with safety traffic cones.

Description Dimensions Code
Safety cone  bar – yellow and black 1.2m – 2.1m (extendable) STCBY
Safety cone bar – red and white 1.2m – 2.1m (extendable) STCBR