Sager Extreme Splint

SVTS S404 hi scaled

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Product Information

The Sager Extreme Splint is ideal for extreme environment capabilities. It is compact, robust, lightweight and easily stored in most backpacks.

The Sager Extreme Splint is radiolucent to all areas of a femoral fracture. It treats single or bilateral lower limb fractures for both adults and children from 5th to 99th percentile. The splint has a multi-patented articulating base and is hinged so it swings left or right to apply counter traction more directly on the ischial tuberosity in all body shapes.

Sager splints are anatomically and medically engineered to provide the first responder with a single, fast, simple and fail-safe compact traction device. They are the only emergency traction splints with quantifiable dynamic traction which ensures the correct amount of safe, secure traction that can be decreased as the spasm releases.