Sam Splint Soft

SVPS SSS 9 15 hi

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Product Information

Exceptionally comfortable and versatile, strong and malleable like the Sam Original Splint, the Soft Shell Splint is designed for quick and easy application when a patient needs to wear a forearm splint for more than a few hours or even several weeks.

The soft aluminium core allows it to be moulded to fit the patient’s hand, wrist and forearm. With the proper combination of curves, the Sam Splint Soft can be moulded in seconds into any of four basic shapes. The Sam Splint Soft is thicker on one end than on the other, providing two levels of rigidity. Add the comfort of an open-cell foam interior covered in terry cloth and you have the most versatile forearm splint available today.

The Sam Splint Soft is available in three sizes.

Code Product  Length Width
SVPS-SSS9 Sam Splint Soft 9 in 22.5 cm 10.5 cm
SVPS-SSS12 Sam Splint Soft 12 in 30 cm 10.5 cm
SVPS-SSS15 Sam Splint Soft 15 in 38 cm 10.5 cm