SEEK – Attack Pro+

SEEK – Attack Pro+

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Unmatched combination of image quality, durability, and price.

Never miss critical information when assessing the scene, searching for victims, and attacking the fire.


Attack PRO™ Series cameras are the decision-making weapons of choice for captains and commanding officers. Designed for simplicity and durability, Attack PRO and Attack PRO+ deliver superior image performance and are built to withstand drops and extreme temperatures. Find the seat of the fire, direct primary search crews, and effectively attack the fire with enhanced clarity and detailed colorization.

Attack PRO’s Mixed Gain mode allows firefighters to see detail in the hottest and coolest regions of the scene at the same time without freezing and switching modes. Mixed Gain simplifies and improves thermal imaging for the fire service.

Designed with firefighters for firefighters, the NFPA Certified Attack PRO+ thermal imaging camera offers an unmatched combination of image quality, durability, and price. With its high resolution and wide field of view, Attack PRO+ is the new decision-making weapon of choice for captains and commanding officers. Mixed-gain pixel technology eliminates the visual confusion and delay of switching between high gain and low-gain modes. Attack PRO+ lets you clearly see the fire and the crew, all in one detailed image.

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  • Mixed Gain with SV1 Image Optimization: See the hottest and coolest regions of the scene simultaneously without freezing or switching gain modes; details enhanced with SV1
  • Durable, Waterproof Design: Durable and reliable design built with IP67 rating and 2 meter drop resistance
  • Wide, 57-Degree Field of View: Easily scan a large area to identify hazards or victims in seconds
  • Long-Lasting Rechargeable Battery: Greater than 6 hours of continuous thermal imaging
  • Simple Operation. Purpose-Built for the Fire Gound: One button thermal operation, no confusing menus or settings, Get the job done efficiently and consistently
  • Decision Making on Command: Direct Firefighters, water, and resources with expedited tactical precision
  • Robust Personal TIC: Equip the entire department with the first affordable decision making TIC
  • See Through Smoke. Flashight Optional: 300 lumen LED flashlight available at the touch of a button
  • Search and Rescue: Find victims and self-rescue faster with a reliable personal TIC
  • Execute 360 Size-ups & Overhaul Faster: When seconds count, a Seek decision-making TIC saves time and lives


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