Silt Boom

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A silt boom is ideal for use in dredging, excavation and piling operations, or when machinery operates in or around water. Silt booms trap and contain sediment and silt, preventing it from contaminating other parts of the waterway.

Silt curtains are floating containment barriers with a foam or air buoyancy chamber supporting a deep, permeable skirt. The skirt acts as a barrier to prevent the spread of silt, sediment and fine suspended solids whilst allowing water to still pass through.

Air-filled floatation chambers are best for short-term deployment, ease of storage and low-cost freight options. Foam-filled chambers are most suitable when long-term deployment is required.

  • The silt boom is available in a variety of sizes and materials and can be made to order.
  • Silt curtain is manufactured in 20 metre lengths.
  • Silt booms have a foam buoyancy chamber supporting a deep skirt. The skirt can vary from one metre to as many as seven metres deep and can be sectionalised to suit changing water depths.
  • The woven, polyethylene skirt fabric has a 200 micron pore size, effectively trapping particles greater than 50 micron. The fabric is self-cleaning and reusable, unlike many other geotextile materials.

Silt curtains are designed to control the settling of silt suspended in water by providing a controlled area of containment. The boom allows water to flow freely, while acting as a barrier against sediments and other materials.

  • All fabric joins are stitched with strong webbing to join the geotextile material.
  • Sections can be joined together to form a continuous barrier with lace-up eyelets (budget range) or zip joins and strengthening clips (premium range).
  • Regular maintenance checks should look for growth build up and silt blinding the boom.
  • It’s easy to clean and store the reusable silt boom for your next project.
Description Skirt height Float diameter Ballast chain Code
Silt boom 1000mm 150mm 8mm GSB150/1000
Silt boom 2000mm 200mm 8mm GSB200/2000
Silt boom 4000mm 200mm 8mm GSB200/4000
Silt boom 5000mm 200mm 8mm GSB200/5000
Silt boom 6000mm 300mm 8mm GSB300/6000
  • Float size varies depending on the depth of skirt.
  • Most silt booms are used in waters with low or no current. Booms in strong currents require additional longitudinal strength to cater for the extremely large force exerted on the skirt of the boom.
  • The skirt is held under water with ballast chain.
  • High visibility yellow float covers can be included if required.


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