Solberg VERSAGARD AS-100

Solberg VERSAGARD AS-100

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SOLBERG® VERSAGARD™ AS-100 multipurpose 3×3 fluorine-free foam concentrate is a state-of-the-art alcohol-resistant, fluorinefree pseudoplastic foam technology, with no intentionally added PFAS chemicals, designed for extinguishing and securing both Class B (hydrocarbon fuel and polar solvent fuel) and deepseated Class A fires. This fluorine-free foam concentrate is a combination of hydrocarbon surfactants and additives delivering excellent foaming, vapour sealing, extinguishment and burnback properties for attacking and securing both shallow and fuel in-depth fires, using fresh, sea or brackish water. Some fluorine-free foams are viscous and often show viscosity increase in contact with water.

SOLBERG VERSAGARD AS-100 creates very stable foams with similar viscosity to traditional AR-AFFF foams. This significantly improves storage, handling and longterm stability.

SOLBERG VERSAGARD AS-100 is designed to generate stable foams with high fluidity and slow drainage. This novel technology allows SOLBERG VERSAGARD to perform similarly to fluorinated products. It may be used with low expansion foam equipment (nozzles and monitors) and medium & high-expansion foam discharge devices to fight fires involving Class B hydrocarbon and polar solvent fuel fires. It is fully compatible and easily proportioned with standard firefighting equipment, including in-line inductors, self-inducting nozzles, fire truck pumps, bladder tanks, pump skids, balanced pressure systems and more.

In addition to its excellent foamability and bubble stability, SOLBERG VERSAGARD AS-100 has excellent wetting ability making it an effective tool for the extinguishment of Class A fuel fires.


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