Sorbalite natural zeolite general purpose floorsweep 22L

Sorbalite natural zeolite general purpose floorsweep 22L

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Sorbalite zeolite is a general purpose (also known as universal or all-liquid) absorbent which is ideal for spills of oils, fuels, coolants, degreaser, mild acids & caustics, paints, solvents and most liquids.

Sorbalite zeolite can be used on hard surfaces wherever oils, fuels, chemicals and liquids are stored, handled and spilled.

  • Sorbalite is suitable for roadside spills, service stations, maintenance workshops, parking areas, refuelling areas, paint and panel shops and automotive workshops.
  • Zeolite is a mineral-based universal absorbent used to remove all liquid spills from hard surfaces such as concrete and bitumen. It is ideal when surfaces are weathered and porous.
  • Use Sorbalite in windy conditions when a heavy, granular absorbent is required.
  • Absorbs and cleans up most oils, fuels, solvents, coolant, degreasers, mild acids, bases, paints, inks, dyes and other water based liquids.
  • Zeolite is able to absorb up to two times its own weight in liquid.
  • Unlike other kitty litter-type clay absorbents, Sorbalite granules have a large internal surface area that absorbs liquid into it via a capillary action.
  • Zeolite reduces vapours and odours on contact.
  • Sorbalite’s small granules reduce potential slip hazards and improve safety in the workplace.

Sorbalite mineral sponge is shipped in a 22L (approximately 15kg) bag and is available individually or as a pallet (56 bags per pallet).

Description Bag (weight) Bag (volume) Code
Sorbalite zeolite mineral sponge universal absorbent 15 kg (approx) 22 litres SCZEO22

Absorbent capacity: Up to 30 litres per bag.

  • Absorbent capacity will vary depending on liquid viscosity, specific gravity and temperature.
  • Sorbalite zeolite is compatible with, and absorbs most acids and bases. The suitability with a specific chemical should be confirmed by referencing the MSDS, a compatibility chart or sample testing. We can provide samples as required.
  • Absorbents retain the characteristics of the absorbed liquid.
  • Appropriate PPE should be worn and disposal of used


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