SpanSet Gotcha Rescue Kits

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Product Information

The Gotcha Original Rescue Kit was the first preassembled remote rescue kit. It is designed for rescuing a suspended casualty from fall arrest lanyards, rope safety lines and fall arrest blocks; which is all possible from a point of safety.

The Gotcha Rescue Kit has enormous versatility and can be used:
– For rescue from confined spaces, ladders, towers, masts, structures, fall arrest lanyards, rope safety lines, and Inertia Reels/Self Retracting Lifelines (SRL)
– For specialist rescue team applications
– For remote attachment using an Extension Pole and Gotcha Frog
– For remote attachment using an Extension Pole and Gotcha Scaff Kit
– As a hauling kit with a casualty litter or stretcher. – With an overhead high anchorage or a foot low level anchorage.

Codes Capacity in High Anchor Mode Capacity in Low Anchor Mode Weight of Kit
Gotcha-KIT-0 (50) Up to 17m Up to 13m 7kg
Gotcha-KIT-75 Up to 25m Up to 19m 9kg
Gotcha-KIT-100 Up to 34m Up to 26m 11kg
Gotcha-KIT-150 Up to 51m Up to 39m 15kg
Gotcha-KIT-200 Up to 68m Up to 52m 19kg

Each Kit Contains:

  • Upper Pulley
  • Lower Pulley
  • Gotcha Frog
  • Telescopic Attachment Pole
  • Rope Controller
  • Rescue Rope
  • Rope Grabba (for Inertia Reels)
  • Attachment sling
  • Karabiners x 2
  • Gear Bag