Special Operation Forces Litter (SOF-L)

2015 SOF Litter

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Product Information

Ferno Military System’s Special Operation Forces Litter (SOF-L) is designed for all military aircraft and vehicles.

The SOF-L Litter is optimum for every platform, deploys in seconds and represents the future of tactical evacuation. It is durable and repairable with a low effective life-cycle cost.

The SOF-L is infinitely sustainable. All components of the litter frame including bed covers, handles, frame sections and patient restraintsare are replaceable while in the field using just a Phillips head screwdriver. Deployed units can utilise a parts cache or cannibalise one litter to keep the remainder of the inventory in service.

Features & Benefits

  • Self-leveling feet prevents damage to aircraft floor
  • Removable and replaceable patient restraints (alloy buckles)
  • Removable and replaceable covers
  • Modular Litter Frame – each section is field replaceable
  • Optional items include a spare parts kit (SPK), litter carrier and three styles of bed covers (Mesh-Decon, TCCC and Fluid Absorbent)
  • Easy-to-decontaminate polypropylene mesh cover
  • Multiple covers available
  • Quad-Fold design
L x H x W 
Handles Folded
Weight Load Rating
230 cm 37 x 48 x 15 cm 188 – 196 cm 8.6 kg 159 kg