Spill mat 1m x 1m


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Product Information

Small easy store spill mats are a compact and portable bunded mats for batteries, small containers or generators. Its bunded walls enable the spill mat to contain up to 75 litres of spilled liquid.

  • Bunded spill mats are ideal to capture spills when storing items which may leak.
  • Easy to store, transport and set up.
  • Bunded mat is manufactured using a high frequency welding process which ensures leak-tight joins.
  • Choose from standard (orange, 900gsm PVC), heavy (black 1350gsm PVC) or chemical duty material.
  • Bund walls are made from an encapsulated, compressible, closed-cell foam which allows trolleys to drive on and off the spill mat.
  • Bund walls are supplied either as 75mm or 100mm height
  • Spill mats are reusable – after use they can be cleaned and stored in a convenient carry bag.
  • Choose from standard sizes or enquire about our custom-made options to suit your application, dimension or storage volume requirements.

Product photograph is larger-sized heavy duty 1350gsm PVC. Image shown for illustrative purposes.

Collapsible bunds are also available in our range for when a larger spill containment solution is needed.

Australian made and owned

Standard Duty 1m x1m x 75mm Orange PVC 900gsm 75mm SCSM1x1-SD
Heavy Duty 1m x 1m x 75mm Black PVC 1350gsm 75mm SCSM1x1-HD
Chemical Duty 1m x 1m x 75mm Black chemical resistant 75mm SCSM1x1-CD
Standard Duty 1m x 1m x 100mm Orange PVC 900gsm 100mm SCSM1x1-SDX
Heavy Duty 1m x 1m x 100mm Black PVC 1350gsm 100mm SCSM1x1-HDX
Chemical Duty 1m x 1m x 100mm Black chemical resistant 100mm SCSM1x1-CDX