Solar Powered Safety Shower & Eyewash – Trailer Mount


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Product Information

Designed and made in Australia, H-THSPBT emergency solar powered safety shower and eyewash is completely self contained. The twin 80W solar cells keep the 235amp battery fully charged even in shady or cloudy condition. Testing done on the water temperature showed only a 4degC variation over a 3 month trail conducted in WA from Jan-March.

Features Stainless steel pipe work
Detachable stainless steel shower
Detachable stainless steel eye wash
1,500 litre water tank
50mm aluminium skin insulation
235 amp hour deep cycle battery
2 x 120W solar panels
Battery isolation switch
Battery power level indicator
Battery charge management system
Battery access door
Green LED location light
Water level indicator
Water temperature gauge
Level indicators
Dual pump shower supply
Single pump eyewash supply
Foot activation pedalfor eye wash
Skid mount for empty tank transport
Optional Extras Skid construction to allow transport with full tank
Trailer mounted
Audible and visual alarms for
– low water level
– water temperature
– equipment in use
Flood light
Burns first aid kit
Foot activation pedal for eyewash
SMS alerts
GPS locator