Squeegee – 45cm Wooden Frame & Handle

Squeegee – 45cm Wooden Frame & Handle

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This squeegee with its wooden frame and handle is ideal for moving and/or pooling liquid spills on hard surfaces.

Direct a liquid spill during the clean up process with this wooden head squeegee. The wooden head with rubber insert design is also ideal in a spill situation with reduced chance of sparking due to static build up.

  • Ideal for concentrating liquid spills into one location to facilitate expedited clean-up.
  • 450mm wide head, wooden with rubber grease resistant insert.
  • Supplied with 150cm composite bamboo and timber broom handle for superior strength and durability.
  • This highly-durable grease-resistant rubber squeegee on sturdy wooden frame is ideal for pushing and pulling liquids on large concrete surfaces.

There is an extensive range of safety clean up tools available including disposal and cleaning tools, barrier and bollards and many other tools.

Description Squeegee head width Code
Timber-backed squeegee with handle 45cm SQUEEGEE 450


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