STABFAST TM MK II ALU XL Stabilisation System


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Product Information

Stabilisation system STABFAST TM MK II
– TÜV and CE certified
– Easy and safe system – also for difficult vehicle positions
– Multiple uses – for all cars, estates, mini vans and truck cabs
– Compact – for space-saving storage in the vehicle
– Quick and easy installation
New and improved features:
– Automatic telescopic locking
– Pneumatic telescopic damping
– More locking positions
– Improved strap retractor
– Bigger hole in foot for fixing
– Improved hook knife blade
– Reflective markings
– Weighs less by aluminum construction
Technical Data of the product “MK II ALU” XL
Length: 1,500 mm
Extended length: 2,500 mm
Weight per strut: 10.3 kg
Maximum load in longitudinal:

direction of strut

2,500 kg
Length of Strap: 10,000 mm
Maximum load of strap: 5,000 kg
Minimum load of hook: 2,500 kg
Size bag: 1,600 x 500 x 180 mm
Weight: 30 kg
ID-No.: ZA-ST120015