SurePower II Li-ION Battery – X Series Propaq M/MD

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Product Information

Clinicians need to be sure batteries that power defibrillators will work when needed.

Defibrillator batteries are often replaced unnecessarily to ensure dependable performance because of the difficulty of ensuring the battery’s condition. The ZOLL® SurePower™ System brings clinicians the confidence that batteries will meet user demands and removes the uncertainty that drives costly maintenance practices.

  • Eliminates guesswork with clear run time indicators
  • Reduces costly battery replacements
  • Automates testing and calibration on the battery
     SP Defibrillator Charger Indicator
      Runtime Indicator eliminates guesswork
  • Assists with planning process for future defibrillator battery needs

SurePower Battery Pack

The lithium ion chemistry of this battery keeps pace with the growing demands of today’s defibrillators. The SurePower battery works with the R Series®, the E Series®, and the AED Pro®. The SurePower II works with the X Series®, the Propaq® M, and the Propaq MD.

  • Longer life cycles and better capacity retention.
  • Eliminates guesswork by indicating runtime instead of non-specific state of charge.