Thomas BLS Hard Case

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59 Thomas Hard Case BLS hi scaled

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Product Information

The Thomas BLS Hard Case features a removable padded lid that attaches via magnets to the inside of the lid.

The lid section contains six colour-coded pockets that are designed to hold all of your BLS response equipment. The base of the Thomas BLS Hard Case consists of a modular, foam divider system plus 2 removable fold outs featuring clear vinyl, colour-coded pockets. This allows for all contents to be viewed when opening the case.

The base and lid have similar space allocation so contents can be duplicated allowing two EMT’s to work on separate patients simultaneously.

Each Thomas Hard Case is watertight, crush proof and dust proof.

Complete BLS Hard Case includes

  • THOM-TT331 (BLS lid section),
  • THOM-TT742 (foam divided base) and
  • Pelican 1550 Case.

THOM-TT428 BLS Complete (Grey)
THOM-TT430 BLS Complete (Yellow)

Contents not included