Truss Series Tac 5 Kit

er truss tac5 FMS FA611A100 hi

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Product Information

The 5 Piece Segmented Truss Ladder Kit gets its name from the original 5 pieces that join to make the longest possible ladder in the kit (8.2m). The top of the line Truss Kit consists of a total of 15 pieces giving operators 17 different ladder options to adapt to immediate mission requirements.

Segments easily join together and quickly secure in place with quick clamps. Kit includes (1) set of feet, (1) set of rollers and (11) segments.

Hand made from aircraft grade aluminium, finished with FMS non-skid, low noise signature coating in Desert Sand.

Code Length  Rung
FMS-FA611A100 8230 mm 305 mm 136 kg 48 kg

All FMS Assault Ladders are high performance, hand-made ladders for professional use only.

Each ladder has a specific weight threshold not to be exceeded and they are not meant for commercial or civilian use of any kind.

The sole purpose of FMS Assault Ladders is to aid the modern war fighter or law enforcement equivalent, in the acquisition and breaching of targets.