Urethane Drain Protector


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Product Information

Prevent spills from entering stormwater drains and trap with urethane drain protectors. Our chemical-resistant polyurethane covers creates a tight seal over drains and the flexible nature of the material moulds to uneven surfaces.

  • Urethane drain protectors are available in 60cm, 90cm100cm and 120cm footprints
  • Heavy duty urethane construction is resistant to most chemicals and oils.
  • Tacky base sticks to smooth surfaces to create a tight seal over the drain.
  • Drain protector is reusable and easily deployed by a single person.
  • Choose a drain protector size that overlaps your drain grate at least 10cm.
  • Urethane drain protectors are easily cleaned with soap and water – ensure the barrier is cleaned and store properly after use.
  • Supplied in a high visible yellow canvacon carry bag with handles.
  • Use the optional large wall mounted sleeve to store near spill hot spots or in close proximity to drains.
  • After use and washing, wrap in plastic sheet provided and place in carry bag or wall-mounted sleeve.
  • Do not leave in direct heat for long periods of time – life expectancy is approximately five years.

A urethane drain protector is an excellent and inexpensive spill response tool, helping you avoid costly fines associated with unauthorised discharge violations.

Description Dimensions Weight Code
Urethane drain protector 60cm  60cm x 60cm x 1.7cm 5kg UDP600
Urethane drain protector 90cm  90cm x 90cm x 1.7cm 7kg UDP900
Urethane drain protector 100cm 100cm x 100cm x 1.8cm 10kg UDP1000
Urethane drain protector 120cm 120cm x 120cm x 2cm 11kg UDP1200

Manufactured in 1000gsm urethane