Venice Stair Chair Range

Venice Plus Chair FWE21 0082 001 K

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Product Information

The range of Venice stair chairs are the lightest, most compact and versatile chair on the market. Packed with standard and optional features, the Venice is available in a manual and a powered model.

Venice Plus (non powered)

  • The chair track controls slide when descending stairs, allowing for easier handling and reduced effort
  • Ergonomic and rigid ABS seat surface that’s easy to clean
  • Adjustable rear telescopic handles and front extendable handles provides enhanced manoeuvrability in narrow spaces and better control on stairs
  • Oversized 200 x 30mm high-grip rear wheels can be upgraded to optional 200 mm x 50 mm wheels
  • Folds quickly to a slim 200 mm depth

Venice Powered Chair

The Venice Powered chair includes all the features of the Venice Plus as well as numerous additional features.

  • Powered chair tracks and ergonomic chair features allow for convenient and effortless patient handling while ascending and descending stairs
  • Oversized, high grip 200 x 50 mm rear wheels and 150 mm x 30 mm front swivel wheels provide superior handling on any kind of surface
  • The chair’s compact, two-speed control unit is user-friendly and robust: shockproof and water resistant to IP56
  • Features a Safety Speed Limiter and safety brakes to allow operators easy control of the chair and while ascending or descending, and keeping patients safe
  • Pneumatic opening system eliminates situations where the chair may accidentally open or close
  • Safety lights ensure maximum visibility around the chair in low light and hard-to-see situations
  • Suitable for safe bariatric transport with a 230 kg safe working load
  • Folds down to slim 230 mm depth and may be wall mounted using the optional locking system

Optional Accessories and Upgrades

Side Rail Armrest Kit 21-0084-001
Lower Limb Support Kit 21-0085-001
200 x 50 mm Wheel Kit 21-0087-001
Headrest 10-1964-001
Wall Mount Lock Kit 21-0086-001
Specification      Venice Plus Chair    Venice Power Chair  
Code FWE21-0082-001-K FWE21-0083-001-K
Load Limit 230 kg 230 kg
Weight 15 kg 27 kg
Dimensions Closed (W x H x D) 505 x 1010 x 200 mm 540 x 1025 x 230 mm
Dimensions Open (W x H x D) 505 x 1000 x 760 mm 540 x 1030 x 770 mm