VETTER Connectable Bags (12 bar / 174 psi)

VETTER Connectable Bags (12 bar / 174 psi)

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Worldwide unique, comprehensive certified system
Uncomplicated and simple
Toolless connection technology

The next generation! More power, even safer, of course Vetter

Vetter Connectable Bags C.Tec 12 are the perfect solution to react rapidly in critical situations. They combine the lifting power of the Mini lifting bag and the lifting height of the known Vetter 1 bar lifting bag. This gives you the variability to react flexible on different heights. Thanks to the toolless connection technology, the bags are ready for action within seconds. Only Vetter has certified its connection technology by an independently institute. The integrated load plate guarantees a high level of stability and load-bearing capacity during the lifting process. The lifting of point loads and objects with sharp or pointed surfaces is possible without additional adapters.

You have the following selection:

  • 3 different lifting-bag sizes
  • 4 control devices (2 deadman versions, 2 fitting)
  • Many different compressed air sources, e.g. compressed air bottle, compressor, compressed air connection to the vehicle


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