VETTER Mini lifting bags (8 bar)

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Product Information

The proven standard worldwide which are versatile, have safety couplings, insertion heights as low as 2.5 cm (0.98 inch) and are made in Germany.

Thanks to their low insertion height, the mini lifting bags enable you to free injured persons quickly and smoothly. Lift even heaviest loads in a single smooth movement! Vetter’s mini lifting bags demonstrate their versatility on the job: use them to lift, push, press, prise or split as the situation demands – safely and reliably even on difficult inclines.

The optimised surface profile on Vetter’s mini lifting bags masters even slippery surfaces such as sand or grass without any problems. The special safety coupling prevents unwanted disengagement of the hose from the lifting bag.

Rectangular shaped lifting bags offer several practical advantages. With their low insertion height, they fit into the narrowest of cracks and gaps. With their rectangular shape, they can be pushed especially far into narrow openings. Also, if you need a large contact area, rectangular shaped lifting bags are your first choice. For example, you can safely and efficiently raise a truck frame with a rectangular shaped lifting bag due to its special shape.