Zoll AED 3

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The all-new ZOLL AED 3 Automated External Defibrillator provides the best support for trained and untrained rescuers with advanced features, unmatched support and a low cost of ownership. Both semi and fully-automated models are equipped with Real CPR Help, ZOLL’s real-time CPR feedback technology.


  • RapidShock Analysis technology enables the shortest rhythm analysis for more continuous lifesaving CPR, minimising the pre-shock pause, improving CPR and patient outcomes
  • Integrated paediatric rescue universal adult/child pad design provides rescuers with a single, confident solution to treat both adult and paediatric victims of SCA
  • CPR Pad with Five year life is made possible with ZOLL’s novel electrode design which prevents compromising deterioration for five years.
  • WiFi connectivity helps you monitor and manage all your AEDs and will immediately notify you of a failed self-test so you can ensure all devices are ready for an emergency
  • Available in two models: Semi-automatic and fully automatic
  • Includes ZOLL AED 3, CPR Uni Pad, Battery Pack, 6 Year Warranty and Documentation Kit
Code Description Model
ZL-8501-001201-13 ZOLL AED 3 Semi Automatic
ZL-8501-001202-13 ZOLL AED 3 Fully Automatic
ZL-8000-001250 Carry Case ZOLL AED 3
ZL-8900-00260 ZOLL CPR Pad 5 Year Life Universal
ZL-8000-00696 Battery Pack Lithium Manganese Dioxide


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